Margo’s Essentials

When I was young I would go through the jewelry clearance bin looking for bargains that I could buy and remake into something beautiful. My lifelong interest has been in design. Whether it was quilts, dresses, home floor plans, document layouts or jewelry, the fun part would be the design. Figuring out what would happen if…. I liked putting together a little from here with a little from there looking for that place that was just right. Harmony. Balance. My background is in textiles. I learned sewing and crochet from my mother. After years of making many pieces of clothing, many quilts, scarves and afghans I became anxious to try something new. Jewelry. With a variety of wire from the hardware store I began my path to where I am now.

Address: 9980 White Rock Rd. Harbor Beach, MI 48441
Phone Number: (989) 864-3658